Road, Heavy Civil, Bridges & Dams

Get there and get back, no matter how remote the location or rough the weather.

We partner with paving companies to develop and maintain the infrastructure throughout Canada.

  • - road bases
  • - bridges
  • - causeways
  • - dams
  • - drainage systems
  • - utility easements
  • - communications easements

We have been building all-weather Canadian roads and bridges for heavy construction equipment transport, supply, communication, and maintenance for over 40 years. Our experience in constructing stable roads to remote sites means we can build roads and bridges where you need them, when you need them.

 April 16th, 2015 Moncrief is highlighted on the Komatsu website:

"In its earliest days, the company focused on building hydroelectric and telephone-transmission lines. Almost 50 years later, Moncrief Construction maintains its roots and still builds hundreds of kilometres of overhead, high-tension transmission, distribution, telephone, cable and fiber-optic lines, even in some of the most remote, rocky and rugged locations. Throughout the years, Moncrief has added an exhaustive list of services that make it one of Ontario's most multifaceted contractors. It offers road, bridge and dam construction; portable crushing operations that supply materials to its own jobs, as well as custom crushing for others; turnkey land development from design and engineering to final grade; and mine and land reclamation." Click here to read more about Moncrief Construction and it's working partnership with Komatsu Equipment.